Library Templates

Library Templates allow you to write and save 'common' functions that can be 'called' by other auto-text templates. These templates may be copied from here and should be pasted into the Template Library on your Ora Settings page. Within each lib.template see the usage : on how to call them in the 'master' script in the right sequence.

All these scripts were authored by me and work in my system. If you find any errors, or better methods, please let me know If you have library templates that you use and would like share, email them to me and I will add them to a list under your name as author.

The Library Templates I have created and used are listed Here, as Library Templates and are a copy of the working ORA Template Library off my system. You are free to copy these templates for your own use, but please be aware that they are 'tuned' to my Family Historian layouts, and as such, I am not responsible or liable for any consequences from their use, or guarantee that they will work on your system.

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